Shanni - Saturn Dreadful?

Shanni Satti Mahadasha – people are scared?

Lot of tales can be found about Saturn being cruel, bringing downfall, taking your prestige away, taking your belongings away, distancing loved ones, and not letting you get married.

There are always two sides to coin, but when it comes to astrology it is multi factorial. The numerator is same but the denominator can change the outcome based on the factors we often don't look into.

Many folks contact me that there kid is not getting job, not getting married and they have been told that the Shanni Sade sati or the mahadasha is the reason they have problems.

Though it may sound counterintuitive but Shanni does not deny benefits, does not let you do wrong, does not debar happiness, what Shanni does is make you relook at things slowly, thoughtfully, and intuitively.

We don’t like the slowness, because we want things now, just not now, we want right now. The life we live in the most materialistic controlled by Sci Fi fantasy and we act as puppets to this very life which we think we created.

Shanni wants you to look from holistic approach, to ensure there is organic growth in the end, or the decision you make. Shanni is the teacher you need to ensure your debts from past are paid, so you can live a better life.

Many folks run to pandits, and astrologers and think that they are the ones who have the solutions, and they forget that everyone I mean everyone barring none, born on earth will be under some kind of Shanni dasha so why dread, why not prepare and understand and ace the dasha like many leaders did.

Lot of personalities have risen from nothing to fame during the Mahadasha of Shanni, Sade Satti, people accumulate wealth

But that is not seen by masses. The basic of Shanni is not to punish you, it’s about justice, it’s about making you stronger, stress is caused because we don’t want to be on the receiving end and hence we get sick, lose money and more.

The cure lies with you, first understand with the help of astrologer (a good one) not the one who will tell you it ends, and if you don’t do this it will be over. But the one who will guide you through like a sailor sailing the boat in the typhoon. Understanding your own situation is the utmost important key to bring best of this powerful planet.

There should not be fear, there should not be any bad feeling, or predefined notion of the time. Go with an open mind, with a positive notion and then we can see what you feel is not what you were told.

To be continued