Yuvi: Bacholan's Rishtey is spearheaded by Yuvrit Singh (Yuvi). She has been instrumental in defining relationships for her friends and family since she was in high school. Yuvi has 13 years of corporate experience before she ventured into relationship consulting. She is adept at match making, and has built perfect matching software that uses 1000 point professional analytical controls.

Her goal is to make Bacholan's Rishtey your personal concierge. In order to serve the community in a highly professional manner. She has formed a team of professionals who volunteer their time. These professionals are extremely talented and successful in their careers in USA and Canada. The team includes but not limited to: Certified Professional Accountants, Bankers, Management Professionals, Nurses, Technology Professionals, Vedic Astrologers, Lawyers and Teachers.

Yuvi is born and brought up in United States of America and has bachelors in MIS, Marketing and Strategic Management and has a fulltime consulting career spreading across continental states.

Shiv: Assisting Yuvi is Shiv, who is a Certified Professional Accountant in California, with years of high level finance experience and being gone through the process of match finding for himself, he brings a unique perspective to the team. He helps screen profiles, and also provides free financial advice to the members. He has a Master’s of Business Administration from India, and was born in South Africa, he moved to the United States of America in his twenties.

Ravi: Ravi is a sister of Yuvi and together they have incubated the thought of bacholan.com a community matrimonial service. She is highly intuitive intellectual who manages a team of high performing healthcare professionals. She volunteers her time to nurture the team and ideas for the portal. She is born and brought up in USA, and has very passionate feelings for her roots, that is India.  

Sean Kumar: Sean is very talented technocrat, and he has been instrumental in bringing the technology to the members. His passion brings the new ideas and momentum to the team. He is very successful consultant, who has 17 years of technology architecture experience, and we call him CTO of bacholan.com.

Manveer: Manveer is the Vedic consultant; he is a hobby astrologer who has lot of successful predictions under his belt. He is also a prominent blog writer on the site. He has 30 plus years of prediction career starting at age 3. He is instrumental in scanning through the profiles and brings a different angle to the process.

Questions about our team: Send us email at team@bacholan.com