I would like to introduce myself, I am Bacholan, A companion in your search for the best of best life partner for you or your loved ones.  
I am born as a brainchild idea of two sisters who wanted to help people find their matches without breaking their BANK.

Who believe a better society and future of our children lie in the hands of stable families. The foundation of such families lies within well matched matches based on free information not restricted information.

That is why the idea of free marriage PORTAL conceptualized and is ingrained in my philosophy.

I will  bring to you marriage proposals from across the GLOBE, and most importantly all FREE, I will never ask you for credit card, cash, and or check.

I will not restrict number of profiles you can search /contact.

will have liberty to edit your profile, add pictures, albums, send messages ,and enjoy a extremely rich profile builder.

Well thought and researched profile fields will help you to find most suitable matches, from across the world.

I have a team of professionals who volunteer their time to help cherry pick marriage ready professionals, who are in the market to get married and invite them to join.

I enforce strict code of conduct on our site, with the help of my members. My members have the power to veto new functionality, and not only that, my members can also reject profiles they feel are not honestly here for the reason they are.

I would like to thank you for your time to stop by and read about me, please feel free to use REQUEST INVITATION TO JOIN button and if you meet my criteria you will be sent an invitation link.

If you would like to send me comments, feedback and think something will be a good addition please contact me at: friend@bacholan.com