Marriage & Astrolology

Marriage a very important aspect of one's life is very pamperous for most of us. Every detail is analyzed to ensure marriage not only lasts, but there is conjugal bliss. The bride and groom have long life and able to provide for the generation to come. Family name could be carried forward and for that a grandson is desired. Few of us really go beyond the fact that the traditions and calculations are place and time dependent. The change in relativity of any or all factors will definitely change the fate of the projections received about one's relationship.


To calculate the accurate predictions most of us follow different rules, and imply their own experience and what not. But very few will go beyond that and look for other constants in the near future. Everyday i get so many questions from people about their marital issues, and then they would say we have guna milap of 23 , 24 and so on. Why we are facing all this, what part is missing is that the overall universe of the two is not just them its beyond them. so understanding this beyond what we knew is very important. In my previous post,  i have eluded towards our calculation method which uses more matching points beyond the traditional guna milap .

No this is not replacing the old science, this is expansion of the same beyond levels we have tried, and today the data is vast power. We can extrapolate more than we could in the past, then why not try to do that

In the end this is matter of not just two, but at least 20 -30 immediate people whose life may be positively or negatively impacted with all this.


Go ahead and ask yourself where do you stand, traditional, non-traditional, modern, extrapolator, and / or adventurous