Finance and Relationship

Finance and Relationship are very core and important aspect of anyones life. This takes more center stage as we try to move into a relationship. Lot of couples i consult do not have the first step approach to this, when they are dating or simply talking. The importance is not short term, there is much more to this. The intelligence does not lie in talking about honeymoon, immediate festivities. The intelligence lies in stepping back from your own vision, and instead look through the microscope where the two of you will land with the way you earn and spend. Most people talk about how they can save and make the things better, but seldom people understand that the international economy pulls the strings faster than we think, they do.

Why is it important to understand economy for healthy relationship?

Millenium relationships are way different from the relationships of last century. The life is more luxurious, and more informatic oriented. To keep pace with life partners have streeful times working jobs and balancing the life, and in the mix of this is bills, and needs and must haves, and what not. So understanding your short to medium term goal and how it matches with your date/ partner/ perspective is very important.  There are various tools that can help to get to the mathematics of the currency, but unfortunately there is nothing that would help you understand your partner, other than the honest and real conversation..... Contd...