Astrology and Relationship Vol. 1

One of the ancient methodologies is Astrology, origin noted in ancient India. The sages of the time performed the research on how the planets impact the natal charts of the human beings on this earth. The interesting phenomena and the science of prediction lived through the many upheavals and modernization of the earth, and the human society. 

What is important to understand is that the earth and the planets seems to have changed their surface. They maintained their relationship to other planets orbiting around the sun. This may be very well the reason that astrology since its inception has not been changed at the core, and is revered by the sages and gurus. The core of the prediction has magenitized many and brough critics to think at times. The mathematics of the calculations though same may bring different results, simply beause of the different analytical ability of the astrologer. The other significant factor is the accuracy of the date of birth and time,and most importantly location.

Most of us fall under the perfect SNM curve, and the confidence and authenticity can be 98%. There are always outliars they are various factors, but the degree of variotion from the scale often still lies with in a certain degree. 

Since the relationship of planets have not changed of million years so has not changed the basics of life, we still need the women and man to move the life forward.  


How important is the Astrological perdiction and how does it help finding the true love?

The answer lies within the bounds of the society, there are zillion examples where a perfect match based on the right calculations have yielded above normal results. But at the same time there are thousand examples where the matches seemed perfect throught he lense of calculations have failed - sometimes fataly.  

Though there are two different result sets, the answer to the question above is that astrology has and is intrumental in finding the true love. The probablity of success definately increases with the right assistance.

People date and get hitched every day, but if we start looking at the basics, 8 out of 10 still have consulted astrologers at some point in Indian origin. There are people who wont drink or breathe without the advice of astrologer but at the same time there are people who wont care for astrologer.  Depending on where you want to ally yourself to , you can agree or disagree with what is said here. disscussion to continue.......