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    By zubin

    Admiration has a very deep root in our world, the world of imagination and gimmics. Admiration leads to the unconcious dedication of owning the object, relation, and much more. Admiration has many meanings, some are mile deep and foot long, and whereas some are superficial. 


    Admiration for being the best also indulges us into the fulfillment of our own dreams, so then why not admire the moment we enjoy together. I always think what is the best way to meet someone, and where is the most optimal place to be. Though i have never found the right balance, but i felt that letting it go by the flow has always helped the admiration for the moment. 

    Admiration has been the perfect antidote for the fear, and restless moments we feel right before meeting the one we feel should be impressed by us. Though situations have arisen and have no answer for, but the light of the confidence in pulling through has helped ....