Ideas for proposal

1. You want to be dramatic and theme oriented, get in touch with a manager of the theme park and plan a script.

2. How about online proposal? send proposal on her FACEBOOK page with virtual flowers and cake and ring.

3. A surprise proposal using cartoons. Have two cartoons made,  you can use wording for yours, hers should say "Yes and Yes".

4. Care for sea or water theme, you can have divers bring out a sudden Will you marry me sign out of water park aquarium, or sea.

5. Dancing is your thing, then DJ is your best friend, have him play a favorite song - the proposal song, or you can also have him play her favorate song and use the moment.

6. Hire a skywriter to spell out your proposal for everyone around to see.

7. In air proposals are unique, if you are flying with your significant other, and you can have flight crew in agreement, you can use plan announcement system to propose.

9. Show up at her house as a delivery man wearing the T Shirt will you marry me?